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  • Kindle Version Here!

    For those of you that prefer to read on your Kindle, I have great news! The Kindle version of To Where You Are is here. Be sure to tell a friend who hasn’t ordered their copy yet! The book continues to trend well on Amazon and we are awaiting reviews from a few professional review […]

  • Signings

    It’s been an incredible experience signing copies of my new memoir, To Where You Are. I’ve had 4 book signings so far — with more coming in the near future. I love meeting the people and hearing their stories. One thing I’ve found out in the process — the grief journey may be a unique […]

  • The Stigma of Healing

    There is a stigma attached to discussing your grief or painful experiences with a therapist, counselor, or with friends and family not in your innermost circle of confidence. This is especially true for men, who often are hesitant to seek outside help for fear of being labeled or seen as weak. Frankly, we need to […]

  • Gulf Coast Media Interview

    Thanks to the great folks at Gulf Coast Media for taking the time to interview me about the book. You can check out the discussion and article HERE.

  • Rare Disease Day – February 28

    Autism isn’t easy. Add in Kenzie’s chromosomal deletion and her sensory system can be quickly overloaded. Crowds can unnerve her. But she’s a sweet girl — never aggressive, just doesn’t enjoy the fast-moving crowds and loud conversations of the world as much as others do. She goes at her own pace — interacting with those […]

  • The Table Read Interview

    I had the opportunity to interview with a publication in the U.K. recently. Here’s a link to my conversation with The Table Read. Check it out!

  • Windchimes

    Windchimes hung indoors rarely whisper their song, save for the occasional open window on a breezy spring day.  They long to fulfill their mission to bring about a comfortable smile; a brighter day for someone.  Yet, the world isn’t always sunny.  Nature’s constant effort at finding equilibrium means the storms must eventually come. It’s an […]

  • Warren Publishing Interview

    I had a great interview with the publisher of my memoir, Warren Publishing, on Facebook Live this morning. Check out the video HERE by clicking the link!

  • WAFF-48 Huntsville Interview

    It was an honor to talk with WAFF-48 in Huntsville this morning about the upcoming release of the book — now just 3 days away. Check out the interview HERE!

  • Authority Magazine Interview

    Authority Magazine recently interviewed me for the book. Check out the article by clicking here. 7 days to publishing!