Windchimes hung indoors rarely whisper their song, save for the occasional open window on a breezy spring day.  They long to fulfill their mission to bring about a comfortable smile; a brighter day for someone.  Yet, the world isn’t always sunny.  Nature’s constant effort at finding equilibrium means the storms must eventually come.

It’s an ironic truth that those instruments built for the express purpose of making the world a more beautiful place must be left vulnerable to the elements so they can fulfill their maker’s mission.  The winds of life blow inconsistent and unpredictable.  Yesterday is already history, or so I’ve been told.  Today is your weather!  And tomorrow is only a forecast; just a chance and a probability.

These chimes remain beautiful despite the tangled mess.  When I found them in this condition, I immediately started trying to follow the strings and untie the knots, seeking to undo what was already done.  It became clear this would be a long project, not a simple task.  They can be untangled with time, patience, and focus.  But it still pains me to see them like this.  What once soothed our souls and highlighted our most sacred room is a victim of the very force it was meant to harness.  I suppose one cannot be sheltered forever and still make the best sound that is possible.

The skies of today may not be responsible for this mess.  That burden lies in another moment nearly five annual calendars ago.  Yet, things such as this aren’t so easy to untwist; to undo the knots caused by such a cruel, unanticipated storm.  In some ways now, it doesn’t matter.  The chimes still echo through my mind every day, singing to me despite their inability to make music.  I can still hear them clearly and am acutely aware of their permanency in my life.  The pitch and frequency are as in tune with my soul as they were on the first day I heard them.  They still guide me, for I am simply lost without their sound.

Though the storm has stripped me bare and left me homeless, I realize I am fortunate nonetheless.  Many have never heard the beauty and happiness which radiate from these chimes.  And what a peaceful, loving melody they have missed.

WIndchimes measure life’s unpredictability. A gentle breeze and they sound beautiful. A torrid wind and they are useless.