Rare Disease Day – February 28

Autism isn’t easy. Add in Kenzie’s chromosomal deletion and her sensory system can be quickly overloaded. Crowds can unnerve her. But she’s a sweet girl — never aggressive, just doesn’t enjoy the fast-moving crowds and loud conversations of the world as much as others do. She goes at her own pace — interacting with those she feels comfortable with, but just doesn’t expand her circle to an extremely wide audience.

Kenzie might not be able to talk and give you feedback on your terms, but it doesn’t mean she can’t communicate her wants and needs. If we stop and listen to the world that operates on a different frequency, we might be surprised at what we hear.

Rare Disease Day is February 28. Tomorrow, pause for a few seconds and consider how you can help. There are countless organizations doing great work. For me, I’m donating the proceeds of my book for the final 10 days of February to The Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society, helping to fund clinical research for Kenzie’s syndrome and others affecting the 18th chromosome. I believe strongly that answers to solvable questions are mere steps away.