To Where You Are

To Where You Are is a moving memoir by debut Author Jason Fisher, who details his story of discovering unconditional love, dealing with grief and trauma following unforeseen tragedies, and forging a new path forward.

Consumed by heartache following his wife’s unexpected death after just five years of marriage, Jason navigates a tumultuous journey as he adapts to a world he never imagined facing. He must now learn to balance the loss of his soulmate with his new life as the young, single, widowed father of a daughter with a rare disability. Jason’s trauma causes setbacks and he experiences moments of painful loneliness while raising a nonverbal child. He perseveres through years of grieving and ultimately discovers that the path home lies in embracing the moment, listening to his heart, and living out his true passions, including an improbable run for the United States Senate in one of modern history’s most-watched races.

“It was my daughter’s unconditional love and her own perseverance

that helped me find my footing when I needed it most.

She teaches me more every day than I could ever teach her.”